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Should we talk about the Dalai Lama

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Most people have seen the video of the Tibetan Buddhist leader asking a young boy to suck his tongue. After much outrage he has recently come out and issued and apology. His defence is that he was simply joking around?? However, a few questions remain.

1) Why did it take such a long time for mainstream media to report this?

2) Was his apology valid? Could he have really been joking around?

3) Some have argued that this is just how it is in some cultures; one Twitter user explained that "Tibetans stick their tongues out as a greeting and are very playful with kids." How true and valid is this?

4) Should the Dalai Lama retain his title as "His Holiness?" why does it seem like religious leaders are exempt from basic standards of morality, when they are the ones that should be upholding such standards to a high degree?

Feel free to share your thoughts.

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The best thing that can happen for humanity is the eradicating of all forms of religion

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A little drastic , this was not religion , this was one person who did something stupid... he is not the sole representative of all the religions in the world


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