Do Black People Prefer Separation?


Usually, people from the same culture do like to mix with their own. It’s a natural and subconscious thing. It provides that sense of familiarity, social comfort and safety. For example, when someone travels to a new country or even a brand new city, many times, they tend to look for things, food and people linked to their culture so they have something to relate with and not feel like a fish completely out of water.

It’s normal.

What I find with the black community, is that, out of all the races, they seem to be the ones that complain the most about not being included enough in society – in the media, in the business world, in the fashion industry etc – yet they seem to always find ways to be separate or be in a category all by themselves.

Black Twitter

Black movies

Black stores

And the list goes on…

Not only this, but they also seem to have claimed certain things as their own, uniquely and exclusively owned by their culture.. things such as some hairstyles, some food, some dance styles, some clothes etc. This is why they struggle and clash with other races and cultures many times especially when it comes to cultural appropriation. And what I am noticing is that more and more things seem to be exclusively owned by them.

So. What is the point of all the noise? They complain they aren’t included enough in society, yet they are the ones that actually exclude themselves in many cases.

By the way, I want to make something clear. They are included. Look at the entertainment industry, Rihanna is currently the world’s richest female musician. Not just that, we are in government, in healthcare, in sports and in so many other areas of society.

But the problem with many black people, no matter what they seem to have, they always say they have nothing. No matter what they achieved, they always say they have achieved nothing. No matter how many doors they have opened and spaces they are in, they say it is not the case, they are still at zero.

They say a picture is worth 1000 words so here is a picture that summarises my last point.

I mean she is (or was) the First Lady of one of the most powerful countries on earth, she had no right to say that and should have used her influence and power to speak a different language to the black community. So this is what I mean, when they get what they want, they will still say it’s not what they want!

I personally, don’t know what they want.

Ideas to move forward

If you are black, think objectively. Before you list all the ways you aren’t included in society, see areas that you are included, and not only included but you actually dominate! Do not make generalised statements based on what you think you should say or think. Open your perspective. Think logically, because this is how you can see any legitimate gaps.If you are not black, and you hear this kind of talk, don’t agree because you think that if you disagree you will be a racist. You know you are not a racist. And if a black person already thinks you are racist, then whether you agree or disagree with them won’t change their mind. Stop pandering, it’s not helping. Ask them questions and fish for objective answers. Objectivity is pretty much the cure for nonsense victimisation.

Thanks for reading. If you have any thoughts, leave a comment, if you need to have a private conversation about anything, send me a message.