We live in a world where there is a lot of fear, a lot of hate, a lot of negativity, a lot of inter-group divisions, a lot of sensationalism, a lot of tribalism, and so on.

Different Voice Initiative is a place where the polar opposite of all of that occurs, i.e. positivism, fearlessness in the face of the mob, authenticity, humility, and the ability to change one’s mind, courage, and love (and if not love, at least mutual respect and understanding).

There are just too many voices out there, and the loudest ones aren’t always the best. The Different Voice Initiative will be precisely what it says on the tin: a forum for alternative voices, different viewpoints, and alternative perspectives—particularly those that don’t always align with conventional orthodoxy.

The Different Voice Initiative was founded by Ada Akpala. She is a writer, a podcaster, and a commentator on sociocultural issues.

“I have a passion for people. That is where my heart is: learning about people, understanding people, and experiencing life and existence through the eyes of others. The world is in a deep state of confusion and social fragmentation, despite the abundance of wonder, beauty, and adventure. We no longer see one another as individuals, but as avatars for specific causes and movements. It’s a pity.

My objective is to challenge past and present narratives that the mass media uses to manipulate, mislead, and control specific demographic groups in society, but my vision also includes bringing people together, particularly in terms of thought. This does not mean we must agree on everything or even accept all ideas, because, let us face it, there are some bad ideas floating around. However, real and sincere mutual respect is necessary.

Finally, I hope to demonstrate to people that they are masters of their own destiny, not prisoners of their past, and that regardless of the odds against them, they can cultivate a healthy mindset that leads to success, happiness, and personal peace.”