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My name is Ada Akpala. I'm a writer and commentator on sociocultural issues. I am just here to explore the big questions surrounding race, culture and identity.

My main objective is to challenge past and present narratives that the mass media uses to manipulate, mislead, and control specific demographic groups in society, but my vision also includes bringing people together, particularly in terms of thought. This does not mean we must agree on everything or even accept all ideas, because, let us face it, there are some bad ideas floating around. However, real and sincere mutual respect is necessary.

I have a passion for people. That is where my heart is: learning about people, understanding people, and experiencing life and existence through the eyes of others. The world is in a deep state of confusion and social fragmentation, despite the abundance of wonder, beauty, and adventure. We no longer see one another as individuals, but as avatars for specific causes and movements. It’s a pity.

Finally, I hope to demonstrate to people that they are masters of their own destiny, not prisoners of their past, and that regardless of the odds against them, they can cultivate a healthy mindset that leads to success, happiness, and personal peace.


This forum invites you to share your thoughts and opinions on a variety of topics and current events. Engage respectfully but honestly. There is no need for self-censorship here. ​

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Values & Beliefs

The mind is a treasure. It holds the key to unlocking many opportunities, which is why one should invest in cultivating a strong mindset and worry less about constantly advertising one’s identity to the world.

Despite our differences, we are all members of the same race: the human race. There is no group that is genetically superior or inferior to the other. We are individuals, and our fate is not predetermined simply because we are born in a specific way or with certain features. Every one of us has the ability to carve out a meaningful existence for ourselves while on this planet.

The concept of “collective group thought” can be a roadblock to achievement. Collectivism isn’t always a bad thing. However, far too much of it sacrifices an individual’s uniqueness, which is a grave injustice.

Where there is freedom to speak and express one’s thoughts and opinions, personal power can be found. We just cannot exist in a society where the mainstream media or social media mobs constantly police opinions for fear of offending someone or “causing harm”. We acknowledge that there is a responsibility that comes with the right to express one’s opinions, and where actual harm has been caused by one’s speech, there are proper avenues to follow to instil justice. Mob justice is not one of them.

Sometimes it is not external circumstances that limit an individual’s road to success, but rather their own misguided internal views and ideologies.

Life is indeed unfair, but it is fair to those who approach it with the right mindset and attitude.


  • Challenge mainstream beliefs and narratives in relation to racism and racial disparities in the western world. Apart from this, challenge current mainstream trends that seek to devalue the individual, the family, women, relationships, children and so on.
  • To Inspire people and expose them to new and different perspectives. Perspectives that are often labelled controversial when in fact these are old-age perspectives and viewpoints that great men and women possessed and used to achieve extraordinary things.
  • Include those who are normally excluded from the conversation due to being the “wrong” race, gender or nationality.
  • Help Rebuild minds. There is too much focus on what others can do for us to achieve success and comforts in life and not enough of self ownership, responsibility and accountability.