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Are The Tears Too Much

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Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to see Jordan Peterson in Wembley. My husband accompanied me, as did my brother, a huge JBP fan who drove all the way from Nottingham.

Jordan Peterson kicked off the event by talking about his current projects and upcoming book, Wrestling with God, which he claims will be the perfect blend of his first book, the dense Maps of Meaning, and his second book, the more accessible 12 Rules.

Following that, he sat for a Q&A session, during which he only had time to answer two questions from the audience. He shed a tear or two during this segment as he delved into the answers. Fast forward to his recent appearance on Piers Morgan’s show. When he was asked how he felt about Olivia Wilde’s portrayal of him as the “Hero of the Incel community,” he displayed his emotions once more.

Is it becoming too much, or should we celebrate a man who is not afraid to be authentic in expressing how he feels, even if it means becoming the target of much ridicule?

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I saw the Piers Morgan episode with him youtube and my first thought was not again JP, but on a second thought I think he is just trying to show that he is still human and for that I commend him.

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I didn’t see it, but I’ve no problem with him or anyone else crying in public, as long as it is genuine (looking you Matt Hancock!).

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I have mixed views of the man. I don’t disagree with him on a great many issues, but I don’t like how he has become a symbol of the so called ‘incel’ movement. That said, it is neither a bad thing or good to show emotions at the risk of being ridiculed. In fact, those who are doing the ridiculing are exposing themselves as hypocrites. How many times are supposed to be sympathetic to a woman when she gives a speech that causes her to break down in tears or believe her on the witness stand? I don’t know if the tears Peterson shed are real or fake but in the end the left is revealing their colors by their reaction by acting just like the incels they claim to deride.

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I have nothing against him, but I think it is embarrassing amd I think he is sending a message to the world that he is not okay, and if he is not OK himself, how can he help others, what authority does he have. Like I said, I’m neither a fan nor a hate but if he can’t get through an interview without breaking down, maybe he should clean his own room first?

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