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Lizzo Vs James Madison

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Ben Shapiro referred to it as the “Vulgarization of American history” and Matt Walsh called it a spectacle. What are your thoughts on Lizzo playing the 200 y/o flute that belonged to 4th President, James Madison? Do you see any issues, or are some people going overboard with the backlash?

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It was an absolute embarrassment., I’m really getting to the point that I am so ashamed to be an american


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If you do a deep dive into Madison he is fascinating and unexpected. As for this, I don’t listen to her music because I don’t like her songs or the words she chooses to use. I mean, did she at least play the flute well? Because…it’s just a flute. If she didn’t damage it…whatever. Might the LOC think twice before loaning her something? Maybe. My vote: overboard.


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Beyond insulted for multiple reasons. One, this is disrespectful to a national treasure connected to not only a Founder of my nation but the Father of the Constitution. Second, this makes black women look like nothing but a joke or a prop to be put on stage for the entertainment of white leftists. And finally the blatant hypocrisy of someone like Lizzo who complains about oppression while doing this is a slap in the face to anyone under true oppression. Can you get away with playing Mao's flute in the same manner in China or steal one of Castro's cigars in Cuba? No.


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