TRIBELESS Short Sleeve Graffiti T-Shirt


Introducing the Tribeless Graffiti T-Shirt, a must-have addition to your wardrobe. This black, short-sleeved t-shirt is crafted from high-quality cotton, ensuring comfort and durability.

Made for all sizes, this t-shirt provides a flattering fit for women of different body types. Its short sleeves offer a casual and comfortable feel, ideal for both warm weather and layering during cooler seasons.

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For most of us, there has never been a feeling more liberating than disconnecting from years of tribalism, where we found ourselves being told what to think, what to believe and who to fight. I’ve been there, spent years of my life regurgitating so much of what I was told, never finding common ground as that meant I was weak or soft, and finding myself drained most of the time from all the battles I was supposed to fight each day.

To be “tribeless” is to move away from the very divisive nature of today’s politics and social climate and rather find the things that unite us. It is to see each of us first as human beings with feelings and aspirations, interests and working consciences, before we buy into the many labels that are daily created to foster more division.


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